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1200P CO2 Data Logger

2023/2/20 16:18:30
  • Label:GZAIR CO2 Data Logger Monitor, Wall-Mounted Carbon Dioxide Detector, IAQ CO2 Detector, NDIR Sensor, Temperature and Humidity, 0~5000ppm Range (CO2 Detection Human/Plant Mode)


  • Unlimited data logging and memories: Built-in 2GB memory card is used to permanently record the measurement data.
  • View Trend Chart in GZAIR dashboard: Logged data can be output to computers for storing. Or upload the data file to the GZAIR website dashboard for analyzing.
  • Accurate Measurement: Using NDIR CO2 Sensor technologies to detect CO2, Temperature, and Humidity. The date and Time are displayed on the big LCD simultaneously.
  • Beeper and LED alarm: User-adjustable CO2 high/low alarm limit, if the CO2 value in the room exceeds the pre-set value, the instrument will respond with visual and audible warning tones.
  • Human/Plant Mode: Human mode measures the carbon dioxide level in close space and reminds you to ventilate timely to get good air quality; Plant mode detects whether the plant is growing in a good condition.
  • Offer two ways to calibrate the sensor: Manual Calibration and Automatic Calibration. Follow the steps in the Operating Instruction to perform the manual calibration. And it can automatically calibrate itself every two weeks during the detection.

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