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My name is Fackie, Product Development Manager of GZAIR. I am an amateur Yoga enthusiast. I love my life, yearn for nature, and enjoy the inner peace and joy when I am alone. I remember once when I was doing yoga in a room which was less than 3 square meters without any window. It was a very bad afternoon. The poor ventilation led to increasing CO2 concentration. Shortly, I felt dizzy and just collapsed. Fortunately, I was rescued. And I learned a lesson ¨C when you are in a confined space, you must make the air ventilate timely. Proper ventilation is important to maintain good indoor air quality. Use a carbon dioxide monitor to track air quality at your home.


To understand real-time indoor air quality, I spent quite a few years researching various air sensors. Though there are many kinds of CO2 sensors, the NDIR sensors have the advantages of low life-cycle cost and a precise and stable long-term operation. I decide to use NDIR sensors only for our GZAIR CO2 detectors.


As a lover of life and nature, I would like to share with you more scientific and advanced technologies to help improve our health. Thank you for choosing GZAIR CO2 Monitors.