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SA104 CO Detector

2023/1/4 15:38:27
  • Label:GZAIR Carbon Monoxide CO Detector, Car, RV, Aircraft, Boat, Bus, Truck, Vehicle Automotive CO Gas Alarm, Portable CO Meter for Travel, Police, Pilots, Drivers, and Campers


  • Advanced Nemoto electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor that accurately detects carbon monoxide levels
  • Real-time CO reading display, continuous 9-month runtime with same batteries.
  • Red LED and Buzzer (70 dB at 1 meter) alarms warn the user effectively about potentially harmful CO concentrations
  • Simple one-button operation, Small 2oz device, 3M stick-on mount or carry with lanyard, easy to take while traveling
  • Used to inspect for exhaust leaks in Vehicles (i.e. Car, RV, Truck, SUV, Bus, Aircraft, Boat, etc.)

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