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8-In-1 Smart Air Quality Monitor

2023/8/25 17:33:56
  • Label:GZAIR PT02 Pro Wi-Fi Air Quality Monitor Detects Pollen, TVOC, CO, CO2, PM2.5, 1.0, Temp. and RH, IoT Controller with Relay Function, Data Logger, Smart Home

¡¡8 IN 1: Measure Pollen, TVOC, CO, CO2, PM2.5, 1.0, Temperature. and Humidity
Automatic & Manual Calibration: Offer two calibration modes, Manual Calibration, and Automatic Calibration. We have calibrated it manually in the factory, and it can automatically calibrate during the detection.
Wi-Fi Enabled & APP Smart Control: Smart PT02 can connect to the Internet, works seamlessly with Tuya App, Set alerts, receiving air quality measurements anytime and anywhere. (Note: Use the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band)
Wireless IoT Controller: Create a Smart Scene in the Tuya app, make PT02 Pro control the Smart home appliances. First, you should add Smart PT02 Pro and other Smart home appliances to Tuya APP. Then set the conditions. The PT02 Pro monitor will activate Smart Fans, Air Purifiers, or other appliances in response to changes in your home¡¯s air quality.

Supports RS485/Relays Signal Output: The RS485 port and Relay port are located on the rear of the device. And the RS485 supports data export. The Relays can control the appliances directly (This function is only recommended for professional personnel or engineers)

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